Macken Services: Cleaning Septic Tank the "Go To" Professionals

Cleaning Septic Tank is our business since 1968Septic systems are usually out of sight and out of mind, which suits most folks just fine. Certainly, "cleaning septic tank" is something no one wants to see on their to-do list. Unfortunately, a septic system will eventually demand attention. When that time comes, you want a company you can depend on to do the job quickly and efficiently. You want a company that even the U.S. Navy uses to service their largest ships!

Macken Services is a family owned company started in 1968. They handle all the problems and maintenance issues that occur in conjunction with septic tanks. For both residential and commercial customers they maintain repair or replace the following:

  • Septic systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Leach fields
  • Drains and drainage lines
  • Grease traps

When a septic system needs attention, it needs it right away. Pools of noxious water standing in a yard are hard to ignore, especially the smell. Worse yet is when the smelly mess backs up into your house. Do not make the mistake of calling just anyone to fix the problem. Call the professionals at Macken Services for a free estimate on installation, repair or maintenance of your septic system.

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